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Virtual Watches

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Mechanical ClockMechanical Clock:
If you love mechanical clocks and watches then this screensaver is for you.  It's a highly-detailed, chiming mechanical clock that displays a fully-working, mechanism.  Can optionally run as animated Active Desktop wallpaper.  Download Trial version.
Digital ClockDigital Clock:
An amazing close-up view inside an extraordinary multi-module digital clock that almost gives the viewer the impression of being inside one of the vast Krell machines from Forbidden Planet!  The clock contains complex wiring looms and circuit boards with detailed electrical components and vertical rails along which modules containing different types of digital clock technology are raised and lowered.  There are LCD's, modern OLED's, traditional red LED's, an old style flip-clock, oscilloscope modules and, my favourite, Nixie style valve modules.  The hour, minute and seconds modules can even be mixed and matched.  Watch a video (1m 29s / 6MB).  Download Trial version.
Water ClockWater Clock:
A water-driven clock with a highly-detailed, fully-working mechanism.  The lighting on this screensaver changes throughout the day to match dawn, daytime, dusk and night time.  As night falls the clock is subtly illuminated and fireflies flicker around the dial.  Download Trial version.
Ice ClockIce Clock:
A mysterious chiming clock made from blocks of ice floating in a running stream.  If you watch closely you will spot Koi Carp swimming underneath.  Download Trial version.
Cuckoo ClockCuckoo Clock:
One of my personal favourites, the Cuckoo Clock is very Tolkien-esque.  A gnarled old tree stands in the middle of a forest clearing.  Someone has mounted cuckoo clocks on the tree and  forest birds sit in the boughs appearing to stand guard.  A live cuckoo pops out of one of the cuckoo clocks on the hour and half-hour to signal the time.  From dawn through to dusk the sun moves across the sky and birds can be heard singing in the tree and the surrounding forest.  As day turns to dusk, lanterns in the tree are lit and the clock dials become illuminated.  As night falls, the moon rises and the birdsong is replaced by the howling of wolves from deep within the forest!  Very atmospheric.  Download Trial version.
Coral ClockCoral Clock:
The ruins of an ancient clock tower that perhaps once stood in a mighty city swept away by rising seas long ago.  Strangely, despite being inundated with all that corrosive salt water and seaweed, the clock is still working perfectly!  Download Trial version.
Clock TowerClock Tower:
A marvellously architected clock tower standing in the centre of a city with the constant murmur and hubbub of the townspeople below punctuated by the chiming of the bells in the clock tower.  This is another beautifully-lit screensaver where dawn gradually changes to dusk in real time.  Download Trial version.
The Lost WatchThe Lost Watch:
A careless traveller has a hole in his pocket and has dropped this charming pocket watch and some spare change in a stream!  The watch is still running so he can't be too far away!   Download Trial version.
The Lost Watch IIThe Lost Watch II:
Oh dear, our butter-fingered friend above has passed this way again and dropped another watch, more  coins and his door keys this time!  He really should learn to be more careful!  Download Trial version.
Zodiac ClockZodiac Clock:
An astrological marvel with whirling constellations and signs of the Zodiac,  Download Trial version.
AJ ScreensaverAJ Screensaver:
14 bundled clock screensavers including Yugo Nakamura's hand-written clock, InsertMonkey's TimeLine, a classic European railway clock that's also very much like a Mondaine watch or the new Smiths "Big-Date" PRS-27 from Timefactors, a traditional clock with Roman numerals and sub-seconds dial and eight other clocks by Charles Salim that include a Mickey Mouse and Hans Donner's Tme Dimension.  FREE.
Very similar to Yugo Nakamura's hand-written clock (incorporated in the AJ Screensaver above) this one is, I think, by the same author and illustrates time by creating towers from building blocks.  FREE.
ClockblockCrazy Screen:
This screensaver mimics the early digital watches in which hours, minutes and seconds are displayed on rotating discs viewed through a window.  FREE.
Drop ClockDrop Clock:
One of my favourites, this clock is more a work of art than a screensaver.  High-speed (slow motion) photography has been used to show numerals representing the time falling into water, creating splashes on the surface, and sinking slowly to the bottom.  Trial versions for Mac or Windows.
FliqloFliqlo Digital Desk Clock:
This screensaver accurately mimics an old style digital desk clock where the printed numbers flip over.  FREE for Mac OS X or Windows.
gljakal.com 3D Clock Screensavergljakal.com 3D Clock Screensaver:
eat 3D clock screensaver with four different themes: "Golden Pocket Watch", "Old Wall Clock", "Sci-Fi Clock" and, my favourite, "Fashion Watch".  Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and 3D graphics card (anything above an old NVIDIA GeForce 2 should be fine).  FREE.
GNAT ClockGNAT Clock:
Small, but perfectly formed, this neat little clock by R. T. Russell was programmed in BBC Basic. You can select between an "antique" (pictured) or "modern" style with "ornate" or "classic" hour/minute handset.  The action of the seconds hand can be adjusted to mimic different movement types too.  Just drop the 170KB .scr file into your \Windwos\System32 folder and then adjust the screensaver from Windows' Display Properties settings as normal.  FREE for Windows.
Pixel BreakerPolar Clock:
It's not especially easy to tell the time with this one but I like it because it's use of changing colours draws a little from the Tian Harlan Chromachron.  Concentric arcs illustrate the passage of different measures of time (seconds, minutes, hours, day, date and month, moving from the outermost to innermost arc by default, although this is configurable).  The arcs move clockwise as time elapses and gradually change colour as they do so from Cyan at 0/360 degrees, through mauve at 90 degrees, orange at 180 degrees and lime green at 270 degrees.  FREE for Mac OS X, iPhone, or Windows.
Pong ClockPong Clock:
Perhaps not the best example of a screensaver, as such, Pong Clock is nevertheless a worthy addition to any virtual computer clock collection.  The score display is used to show the current time in this representation of the venerable computer game.  FREE for Windows and Mac.
Rolex GMT-Master IIRolex GMT-Master II with "Coke" Bezel:
A rather splendid version of the Rolex GMT-Master II, just like my real one!  I got this ages ago from the TKF TimeKeeperForum but I can't remember if they had any others.  Why not pay them a visit and have a look around!  FREE.

I must also point out that Rolex themselves provide some wonderful, very realistic screensavers based on the various models from their current collection, so don't forget to check them out too.

Sun ClockSun Clock:
There are lots of these types of clocks available.  They show the passage of day/night across the surface of the earth and function as rather neat world clocks.  This one by Map Maker is by far the best and most comprehensive I've seen.  There are lots of versions (some free, some not) so head on over to Map Maker's Sun Clock page and choose the one that's right for you.
UNIQLOCK - Music/Dance ClockUNIQLO UNIQLOCK - Music/Dance Clock:
Brilliant, free screensaver application for Windows or Mac from Japanese clothing designer UNIQLO. Groups of wonderfully pretty Japanese girls perform vignettes to a jazzy-electronica soundtrack (think Propellerheads' decksandrumsandrockandroll and you wont be far off the mark). Between each scene the screen wipes to a pastel coloured digital clock which displays the time as reported by your computer. There's lots of content to download, including six seasons of UNIQLOCK, and a superb calendar/localised weather report feature. Using tilt-shift/selective focus technology, the calendar displays extraordinary miniaturised scenes from all over Japan. This is perhaps the most impressive screensaver I've ever seen, playing more like an arty music video than a mere screensaver.  FREE

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