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Japanese Watches

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Casio W-59Casio G-Shock GW-2000:
No watch collection can be complete without an example of a Casio G-Shock. The first G-Shock was released in 1983 pioneering a range of watches that are intelligently designed, multi-functional and durable, being highly-resistant to the effects of water, dust, mud, magnetism and rough treatment! The GW-2000 is the first G-Shock aimed at aviators, although its 200M water resistance, tachymeter bezel and world time functions make it suitable for all kinds of sporting, outdoor and travel activities. The watch is solar powered and time setting is radio-controlled automatically with multiband reception available from transmitters in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and China.
Casio W-59Casio W-59:
I always wanted one of these Casio LCD's when they were considered the height of tech and all the rage in the early 80's, but I couldn't really afford one. Hey, I was still at school at the time! Since then the basic design has achieved something of a classic status. This modern version replaces the original stainless steel with resin which is both hard-wearing and comfortable and has a mid-size case which is suitable for gents or ladies and all ages. And the price has fallen dramatically too of course (taking inflation into account) with this watch coming in at a little over 10. Perfectly simple and simply perfect!
Casio Wave Ceptor WVQ200Casio Wave Ceptor WVQ-200:
Casio's "Wave Ceptor" watches are radio controlled.  They contain radio receivers which pick up time signals broadcast from various transmitters around the globe.  On receiving the time signal, the watch automatically adjusts itself so it is always telling precisely the right time.  This watch is "quad band", and can automatically set itself to the correct time upon receiving signals from either the UK, Germany, Japan or USA.  I've changed the supplied metal bracelet on this watch for a green NATO strap.
Casio Wave Ceptor WVQ600Casio Wave Ceptor WVQ-600:
This is a "dual band" Wave Ceptor which can receive radio signals from both the UK and German transmitters.  It's a multi-function watch which includes a chronograph, dual time, 24-hour hand and alarm.  The ace up its sleeve though is that it is solar-powered,  so this watch not only never needs adjusting, it also never needs winding or the battery changing.  I've changed the supplied metal bracelet for a grey NATO style strap.
Citizen Eco-DriveCitizen Eco-Drive:
Citizen's "Eco-Drive" watches feature quartz movements that are constantly recharged when exposed to natural or artificial light so that they never require winding or battery replacement.  Unlike early solar-powered watches, the solar panels in Eco-Drive watches are almost invisible!  Can you spot the solar panels mounted in dial of this Eco-Drive watch?  No, neither can I :-)
Limit EmergencyLimit Emergency:
A bizarre quartz watch that has the usual gamut of features but also includes markings on the dial which seem to refer to some kind of "all day drinking" exercise!  Well, I did get it in a pub :-)
Update Nov. 2009: My thanks to Charles Carr who spotted that the dial markings are, in fact, recognised international ground-to-air signals that can be constructed by people on the ground using materials to hand to signal to overflying aircraft.
Pulsar quartzPulsar quartz:
A Pulsar quartz from the mid 1980's with a 2 jewel Japanese movement.
Seiko BullheadSeiko Bullhead:
I'm no Seiko expert so there's not much I can say about this watch other than that it's the first Seiko I've ever owned and I'm pretty stunned at the incredible quality!  It has a 21 jewel 6138-0040 automatic movement and I think the serial number dates it to August 1974.  My first Seiko, but judging by this one it surely wont be the last!
Seiko "Pepsi" BezelSeiko "Pepsi" Bezel:
Actually a Seiko SKX025 with 7S26 automatic movement and 100 metre water resistance.  These and other similar Seiko's are sometimes referred to as having Pepsi bezels because the colours on the bezels are similar to those of the Pepsi Cola drinks cans.  The strap is a NATO "Speedbird" from
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