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British Watches

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RLT Watch Co. RLT5RLT Watch Co, RLT5:
The RLT5 is one of several watches designed and built by Roy Taylor of
RLT Watch Co.  This is an early RLT5 with a 17 jewel ETA 2824-2 automatic movement regulated to keep time to chronometer standards.
RLT Watch Co. RLT9-GMTRLT Watch Co, RLT9-GMT:
The RLT9-GMT is similar to the standard RLT9 with a quartz Ronda 315 movement,  but it features an additional inner 24hr. dial with independently adjustable GMT hand to provide a second time zone.  This is the titanium version.
RLT Watch Co. RLT10RLT Watch Co. RLT10:
The RLT10 is a true 24-hour watch.  The dial is numbered from 1 to 24 and the hour hand makes one complete revolution of the dial per day instead of the usual two.  This watch has a Titanium case but it is also available in polished or sand-blasted steel options.  The movement is a Russian 17 jewel Vostok.
RLT Watch Co. RLT13RLT Watch Co. RLT13:
Evocative of the clocks of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries which were effectively mechanical sundials, the RLT13 has only an hour hand which provides sufficient resolution to read the time to the nearest five minutes.
RLT Watch Co. RLT18RLT Watch Co. RLT18:
After some discussion on the RLT forum about the military style Timex boy's watch from the 1970's (which everyone generally seemed to regard as a bit of a classic and an example of which is shown below)  Roy Taylor made the RLT18.  Of course, being based on the RLT5, the RLT18 is of a much higher pedigree than the old Timex and sports a Swiss 25 jewel ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with RLT signed rotor.  Click
HERE to see the movement.  Click HERE to see my original Timex boy's watch from 1977.
RLT Watch Co. RLT19 - Renault F1 coloursRLT Watch Co. RLT19 - Renault F1 colours:
Powered by the ever-faithful 25 jewel ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, the RLT19 sports a splendid carbon fibre dial and is available in a range of different colours.  However, I had this one specially made in the colours of the Renault Formula 1 team.  At the time of writing (April 2005) it's the only one in this configuration although there is enough paint left over to make a few more.  So if you'd like one, act now! :-)   In certain lighting conditions the numbers appear to float in the space above the dial and beneath the underside of the crystal.  Cool!
RLT Watch Co. RLT19 - Ferrari coloursRLT Watch Co. RLT19 - Ferrari colours:
As above, but this one's for the Tifosi :-)  The red hands with white inserts really suit this watch I think.
RLT Watch Co. RLT21RLT Watch Co. RLT21:
This watch has a highly decorated Valjoux 7751 movement which provides a host of features: a 12-hour chronograph, date pointer, day-of-the-week and month indicators, moonphase dial and 24-hour hand.
RLT Watch Co. RLT22RLT Watch Co. RLT22:
An elegant, traditionally styled watch with guilloché calendar dial and Roman numerals, the RLT22 employs the familiar ETA 2824-2, 25 jewel automatic wind movement with quick set date and hacking seconds.
RLT Watch Co. RLT30RLT Watch Co. RLT30:
Another elegant, traditionally styled watch with guilloché dial, sub-seconds dial at 9 O'Clock and Arabic numerals, the large (43mm diameter) RLT30 employs the manual wind Unitas 6497 movement sometimes found in pocket watches.
RLT Watch Co. RLT38RLT Watch Co. RLT38:
This lovely Valjoux 7750-powered chronograph features a 1970's NOS case engraved with a motor racing motif by "Born T". The racing car's number corresponds to the limited edition number of the watch. Originally a limited edition of 10 pieces, "No.1" went missing in transit and is presumed stolen, so if you see it for sale anywhere, don't be tempted to buy it, but drop me a line to let me know (richard@h-spot.net). My thanks to Roy Taylor at RLT Watches who was able to obtain another case and dial from Switzerland to make me the watch you see here, "No.0".
RLT Watch Co. RLT'69RLT Watch Co. RLT'69:
Number 016 of a limited edition of 100 pieces, the RLT'69 is an homage to the Smith's military watches of 1968-1970.  This example is shown on a black NATO strap.
RLT Watch Co. Automatic Divers WatchRLT Watch Co. Automatic Divers Watch:
This is one of a very few watches that combined the dial and hands from the RLT11 divers watch with the case used by the
Ollech & Wajs "M-Series" divers watches.  At the request of an RLT forum member, Roy Taylor made just one of these watches with a quartz movement and followed up with a tiny handful of automatic versions utilising ETA's 2824-2 25 jewel movement.
RLT Watch Co. "20th. Anniversary"RLT Watch Co. "Anniversary" Watch:
No. 4 of a limited edition of just 20 pieces sold to members of the
RLT Watches forum, this watch was produced to commemorate the 20th. anniversary of RLT Watches.  This is the 37mm cased version (a 40mm version was also produced) and is powered by an ETA 2801-2 17 jewel manual wind movement.
Services RegattaServices Regatta:
This is a British made watch from the 1950's.  It has a 5 jewel movement.  The two-tone dial is remarkably similar to the British made Smiths Empire pocket watch from the same era, shown below.
Smiths EmpireSmiths Empire:
This is my first and, at the time of writing, only pocket watch.  I know very little about it apart from the fact that it's gorgeous! :-)  It was made in Great Britain probably in the 1950's I would think and, thanks to the accompanying Smiths plastic stand, it also doubles as a neat little mantle or desk clock!  And as Rachel Cooper (Lillian Gish) once proclaimed in The Night of the Hunter:  "That watch sure is a fine, loud ticker."
This little Timex from 1972 has the distinction of being my first ever watch.  Although it's still going strong, I don't wear it now :-))
A Timex "Boy's" watch from 1977, I bought this one from eBay to replace the similar one I had as a child.  It has a classic military style dial with 24-hour markings and, unlike my childhood one, a date function.
Full size Timex watch I received as a Christmas present from my mother and father in 1975.
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