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Aviator Watches

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Air Ministry Observer's/Navigator's 6E/506E/50 Observer's/Navigator's watch:
6E/50 is not a manufacturer but a military code assigned by the British Air Ministry during World War 2 to a type of pocket watch issued to observers and navigators in the Royal Air Force.  These watches are very similar to the GSTP watches issued to the British Army (see examples in the A-Z, Mechanical, Military, or Pocket Watch sections) except that they lack luminescent paint on their dials and hands.  Accounts suggest that such watches were more practical than wristwatches as they could be laid on the maps and charts from which the airmen were working and be more easily read at a glance.  Movement.
Casio W-59Casio G-Shock GW-2000:
No watch collection can be complete without an example of a Casio G-Shock. The first G-Shock was released in 1983 pioneering a range of watches that are intelligently designed, multi-functional and durable, being highly-resistant to the effects of water, dust, mud, magnetism and rough treatment! The GW-2000 is the first G-Shock aimed at aviators, although its 200M water resistance, tachymeter bezel and world time functions make it suitable for all kinds of sporting, outdoor and travel activities. The watch is solar powered and time setting is radio-controlled automatically with multiband reception available from transmitters in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and China.
CWC ChronographCWC Chronograph:
CWC (Cabot Watch Company) was founded in 1972 solely to supply timepieces to the British armed forces.  This is the date version of what was once the RAF issue pilots watch.  It has a Valjoux 7765 chronograph movement.  The back of the watch bears the broad arrow mark and the numbers 6645-99 924-3306.  Although the date version was never actually issued to the military, it's otherwise identical to the official issue non-date version.
Glycine AirmanGlycine Airman:
This watch has achieved legendary status since its introduction in 1953 from which time an Airman model has always spearheaded the Glycine range.  Popular with travellers, frequent-flyers and military pilots it's a 24-hour watch with a lockable rotating bezel that provides a second time zone.  This particular watch is probably from the 1960's and has an AS1701 25 jewel automatic movement.
Marathon Navigator 46374G Type IIIMarathon Navigator 46374G Type III:
The Marathon Navigator is a quartz-powered US military watch intended for pilots and paratroopers. Some sources suggest that it is also in use by various US Special Forces. It features a water, dust and impact resistant fibreshell case with hesalyte crystal which is supposed to resist the effects of excessive external pressure changes. Luminosity is provided by tritium vials in the dial and hands.
Ollech & Wajs Early BirdOllech & Wajs Early Bird:
Manufactured around the late 60's and early 70's the "Early Bird" was reportedly a popular choice of US soldiers in Vietnam who favoured them over their issue watches.  It's a 17 jewel, manual wind, true 24-hour watch with a rotating bezel to give a second time zone and is water resistant to a depth of 200 metres.  The strap is a NATO "Speedbird" from
Timefactors, the colours of which are based on those of the British Overseas Airways Corporation (B.O.A.C.)  I think it's a perfect match for the Early Bird!
Poljot AviatorPoljot Aviator:
Poljot ("Flight") watches are manufactured at the First Moscow Watch Factory.  The "Aviator" is a classic pilot style watch using the famous 23 jewel 3133 chronograph movement which is a high quality Russian made version of a Swiss movement by Valjoux.  This watch is number 190 of a run of 999 watches in this particular style.
Poljot Sturmanskie SS-18Poljot Sturmanskie SS-18:
Utilising the same movement as the Poljot Aviator, the Sturmanskie SS-18 has a case made from Titanium recovered from de-commissioned Russian SS-18 "Satan" Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles!  The Cyrillic inscription around the outer edge of the case reads "Made from the Soviet Rocket SS-18". The emblem on the dial is that of the Russian bomber squadrons.  This watch is number 340 of 500 made in this particular style.
PRS-7 Speedbird II "Goldbird"PRS-7 Speedbird II "Goldbird":
This is one of several watches designed and commissioned by Eddie Platts of
Timefactors.  A classic pilot-style watch, the "Goldbird" is one of three rose-gold plated versions of the Speedbird family which can be made to order.
PRS-12 Speedbird 1903PRS-12 Speedbird 1903:
Reminiscent of the IWC Portugieser, the Speedbird 1903 commemorates 100 years of manned, powered flight since the Wright Brothers first flew at Kittyhawk, North Carolina on 17th. December 1903.  This watch is number 038 of a limited edition of 100 pieces and employs a Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement.
Raketa "Pilot" for Detente WatchesRaketa "Pilot" for Detente Watches:
This is a special 24-hour dialled Raketa with Titanium Nitride coated case produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces for Detente Watches of the USA.  This watch is supplied on a gold coloured bracelet with optional black leather strap but I think it looks quite good on a green NATO, as pictured here.  Andrei from russian24hours.info recently posted an excellent interview with Anatolii Aleksandrovich Cherdantsev (the Executive Director of Raketa) which sheds considerable light on the hitherto mysterious (in the West at least) history of the company and their plans for the future.  You can read the interview on Andrei's website HERE.
Rolex GMT-Master IIRolex GMT-Master II:
The story goes that this watch, originally launched in the 1950's, was developed for commercial airline pilots who needed to be able to quickly establish the time in more than one time zone and that it was also adopted by several military pilots and astronauts, including William J. "Pete" Knight, who wore a GMT-Master during his record-breaking 4,520 mph flight on October 3rd. 1967 in the hypersonic X-15A-2 rocket plane. This is a 1996 example (model 16710) which utilises the Cal. 3185 movement.
Seagull 1963 Chinese Air ForceSeagull 1963 Chinese Air Force:
The Seagull 1963 is an official reproduction (or replica, if you will) made by Tsinlien Seagull of the Tianjin Project 304 that was issued to the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force in the early 1960's. It utilises the 21 jewel version of the Seagull ST-19 hand-winding column wheel chronograph movement which, like the similar Soviet Poljot 3017, is based on a Swiss Venus caliber using original tooling sold by the Swiss manufacturer. The result is a high quality watch of historical interest with classically beautiful styling at an affordable price.
Zenith, Royal Flying Corps, 30 Hour, Non Luminous, Mark VZenith Royal Flying Corps, 30 Hour, Non Luminous, Mark V:
The Royal Flying Corps was issued with "Mark V" pocket watches from a variety of manufacturers during World War 1 from around 1916.  The watches were mounted to aircraft instrument panels.  Later, when the concept of night fighters and night bombers was developed, a luminous version was introduced.  The movement is protected by a hinged, inner dust cover. 
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