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If you've arrived here from the Threat Glossary page you'll be well aware of the many vulnerabilities that affect computer systems and how important it is to use strong passwords for your computer login credentials and web site login ID's such as those required for social networking, e-commerce, online banking, webmail accounts and so on.  It's also very important to not use the same password for all these different functions and sites as, if that one password is compromised, so are all the computers, applications and web sites on which that password was used.  Below are some tools to assist you in generating tough to crack and almost impossible to guess unique passwords.

Once you've got into the habit of generating unique passwords for all these different applications you'll no doubt realise that it's very difficult to recall which password you used for which site and it's then very tempting to write down a list of them.  That is, of course, a dreadful idea.  Lose the list, and your entire online estate is compromised.  So, what you then need is a secure way of storing all your passwords and the sites / applications to which they relate.  Luckily there are many such easy to use utilities that can perform this task for you and and two that I can recommend are PasswordSafe and KeePass.  Both are free and store your password information using strongly encrypted databases.  For added security, I install such applications on my computers keeping the encrypted databases containing the password information separately on a USB key.

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If you'd prefer to create your own passwords, the presentation below will demonstrate how to create a strong yet easy to remember password in four simple steps:


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