H-SPOT was, is, and always will be just for a bit of fun!!  For its first ten years the site was entirely non-commercial but I've recently had to incorporate a few sales links here and there to help pay for the costs of running the site.  If you click one of those links and choose to buy something from the linked site, I may "earn" a bit of commission from the sale, but please be assured that I don't collect any personally-identifiable information about you whatsoever.  All sales links are to companies from whom I've purchased products myself.  I use two third-party services (Google Analytics and Quantcast) to provide generalised visitor statistics that help me to know such things as how well (or not!) the site is performing, which are the most popular pages, in which countries visitors are located and so on. You can see an example of the sorts of statistics that are collected by these services HERE.  I also use the AddThis service to provide the little toolbar at the top of most pages that allows you to bookmark content from this site on various Social Networking platforms.

These services may install cookies on your computer. Visiting this web site with a browser configured to accept cookies indicates that you consent to cookies being installed.  If you don't want this to occur you'll need to block them. You can learn how to do that HERE.  If you're really concerned (or perhaps just interested) about cookies, I recommend installing the Ghostery and / or Collusion Add-ons for Firefox which will provide you with a wealth of information about what tracking technologies are being used by the web sites that you visit. Alternatively, check out the three secure web browsers listed in the Browser Compatibility section below.

I've taken as much care as possible in constructing this site, but this is all something of a learning experience, so if anyone or anything terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, real, imaginary, ethereal, mythical, natural or supernatural has been offended, hurt, contaminated, infected, warped, crashed, burned or damaged etc. in any way whatsoever by anything contained herein, please don't hold it against me!  However, if you have experienced such problems here, please let me know at the email address below so that I can fix or remove the problem item.

H-SPOT was originally put together almost entirely using nothing but tools available for free.  Since October 2005 I've been slowly redesigning the site to make it much simpler, compliant with HTML 4.01 Transitional, and friendlier to a wider variety of browsers (see below).  I hope that this will also iron out a few of the bugs in earlier versions of the site as well as making it faster to load and easier on the eye!  Links to the main tools and services that have been used in this and previous versions of the site are shown below.  I found them useful, perhaps you will too.

Everything downloadable from this site has been checked prior to upload to ensure that it is free from viruses, Trojan Horse programs, adware/spyware components and other malware. 
If anything suspect is found, it doesn't get uploaded.  What happens to files after upload and anything downloaded by following links to other sites is, of course,  outside of my control.

Why H-SPOT?  I was looking for Hotspot or Hi-Spot or something like that but those domains are pretty much conquered ground.  H-SPOT was as close as I could get.

UPDATE Feb. 2012:  I've noticed an increasing number of people browsing this web site from mobile devices. Although it wasn't designed with this sort of use in mind I've found that the majority of pages work well. If you want to give it a try you can quickly scan the Home Page URL into your smartphone (or other mobile device equipped with a camera) using the following QR Code:

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...or bookmark it with this one:

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If you don't currently have a QR Code reader app on your device, there are some good resources HERE.



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I guess I should explain a little about my use of Copyscape, DMCA.COM and TinEye.  These are services that help to discourage plagiarism.  If anyone would like to occasionally copy a snippet of information or a couple of  pictures from this site to use on their own site or blog to help illustrate a point then that's absolutely fine by me; the sharing of knowledge is a good thing!  Commercial or non-commercial; I really don't mind.  A link back to my site or a mention of the source would be nice but is by no means essential.  Unfortunately, over the last couple of years I've noticed an increasing tendency by certain groups of people to scrape huge chunks of my content and leech entire folders of images for use on their crummy "made for AdSense" sites or, in even worse cases, to use in fraudulent online auctions.  This is not acceptable.  I draw the line at having to pay money (in leeched bandwidth for example) just to line someone else's pockets and/or having my content used to steal from others (as is the case with fake auctions).  Although I'm not the greatest fan of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, I have little recourse but to use it to protect my own content and help prevent others from being conned. 

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Browser Compatibility

H-SPOT was originally designed to work best with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, as mentioned above, since October 2005 I've been slowly working my way through all the pages of this site to make them HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant.  Pages displaying the "W3C HTML 4.01" logo should work faultlessly in all these tested browsers:

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Pages which don't yet display the "W3C HTML 4.01" logo are viewable in all the above browsers, but full functionality may only be possible with Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

For those with security/privacy concerns and, especially, for people still running Windows XP which is no longer supported by Microsoft, check out the three secure web browsers below.  WhiteHatSec Aviator and Comodo Dragon are based on Chrome whilst Comodo IceDragon is based on Firefox:

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